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The Log of Arbitrary (Awesome) Fanfiction

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KK and Kristin's Naruto Recs!
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Once upon a time there were two Narutards named KK and Kristin. Upon a late night walk in their isolated, boring mountain town, they realized...something. Namely, that they needed a community to keep up with all the fanfics they read and liked. And so they could force said fanfics upon each other and hopefully other people in their small circle of friends (which is actually quite big).

Uh...that's pretty much the whole story. We cater to several pairings here-- SasuNaru, KakaIru, LeeSaku, KibaHina, NaruHina, NaruGaa (sort of), InoSaku, ShikaTema...and other arbitrary crap we find good, some of which doesn't even involve pairings or involves pairings we generally dislike.

Oh, and we'll post our own random fanfics if we feel like it. Note the 'if'.